How to create a dashboard

You can create multiple dashboards with different sets of widgets and switch between them as necessary. You can make any of your dashboards your home page or share it with a coworker.

To create a dashboard:

  1. Choose Dashboards → New dashboard on the upper panel in Tracker.

  2. Enter the name of the dashboard and choose a widget arrangement.

  3. Add widgets and configure them. There are several types of widgets:
    • Issue list: This type of widget contains a list of issues that meet a specific filter.

    • Pivot table: This type of widget displays a table with statistics for issues.

    • Statistics widget: This type of widget shows statistics as a chart or graph.

    • Notes: This type of widget is for your notes.

    Most widgets contain information about a specific set of issues. The list of issues to include in the widget is set using a filter. You can set the filter using a direct link, name, or the query language.

  4. Arrange the widgets in a convenient order and click Save.

How to clone a dashboard

You can create a copy of any dashboard and modify it as you wish:

  1. Go to the original dashboard page.

  2. Choose  → Create copy to the left of the dashboard name.

  3. Enter a name for your new dashboard and click Save.

You will be the owner of the new dashboard. You can change it, edit the widgets, and set access rights.