Automatic issue updates

You can use Tracker to automatically update issues that match a certain filter. For example, you can use an auto action to automatically check all issues containing a desired component every hour and set an assignee if one isn't set. You can also invite users responsible for the issue to the comments if you need a progress update.

Configure automatic issue updates

  1. Open the queue page.

  2. To the left of the queue name, select  → Configure.

  3. Select Automatization → Auto actions in the left-hand panel and click Create auto action.

  4. Select Issue update.
  5. Enter a name for your auto action.

  6. Set the update frequency in hours or days.
  7. To pick issues to include in your auto action, set up a filter using one of the following methods:

    • Click Add condition, choose your issue's field and specify its value.

      You can add multiple conditions if you want. The auto action will only work if all the conditions are met simultaneously.

    • Click Request and set the required condition using the query language.

  8. Set one or more issue actions:

    Change issue status

    Set a new issue status. Available statuses are determined by your workflow settings.

    Change field values

    To change values in one or more fields, select the fields and set their new values.

    Add comment

    Enter the comment you wish to add to the issue.

    You can also enter issue field values in your comment. To do this, click Add variable.

    Calculating values
    You can set up a special field whose values are calculated automatically based on values entered in other fields.
    HTTP request
    You can send HTTP requests each time an auto action is triggered.
  9. To save an auto action, click Create.

Auto update example

If you want an issue to be completed by a particular date, you can specify it in the Deadline field. If you want to make sure assignees finish their issues on time, you can use auto updates to send them reminders a few days before the deadline.

Let's set up a daily auto update that invites the assignee to the comments and only triggers if there are 3 days left before the deadline or less:

  1. Select the queue you want to create an automatic reminder for and open its settings.
  2. Go to Auto actions and click Create auto action.
  3. Select Issue update and enter a name for the auto action.
  4. Set the update frequency to once a day.
  5. Set a condition that triggers an auto action if unsolved issues are detected with 3 days left before their deadline or less. To do this, find the Filter parameters section, select Request, and set the condition using query language:
    Resolution: empty() AND Deadline: <= today() + 3d

  6. Set an auto action that invites the assignee to the comments:

    1. Click Add action and select Send comment.
    2. Find the field that says Invite users from field and enter Assignee.
    3. Write the text of your comment. You can add issue fields to your message by clicking Add variable.

  7. Save the auto action.

The created auto action then checks issues in the queue once a day. If the issue remains unsolved when there are less than 3 days until the deadline, the assignee is automatically invited to the comments.