The accounting period in Tracker is equal to one calendar month. On the second day of each month, you'll be charged for the services used during the previous month.

If there is not enough money on your account on the payment date, you may have a negative balance and enter into arrears. If the account balance is negative at the end of the month, all users from your company will be switched to “Read only” mode.

To restore full access to Tracker, top up your account so that your balance is positive.

Attention. Yandex Tracker is now part of Yandex.Cloud. Companies with access to the service's paid features need to enable Yandex.Cloud billing before continuing to use Tracker. You can read more in Moving Tracker to Yandex.Cloud.
  1. Topping up your account
  2. Checking the account balance
  3. Specifying your payment details

Topping up your account

  1. On the top Tracker panel, click  → Payment.
  2. If it's the first time you're topping up your account and you haven't configured access to Tracker before, enter your company details to create a billing account.
  3. In the Balance section, specify the payment amount and click Pay.
  4. Enter your bank card details in the Add funds window or choose one of your saved cards.
  5. Click Pay.
  6. You might need to enter a confirmation code before your card is charged.
    Note. To receive copies of your invoices, click the link that says Invoicing history.

Checking the account balance

To check your account balance, click  → Payment on the top panel in Tracker.

The Balance section will display your current account balance, the next payment date, and the amount due.

In the Your plan section, you'll see the monthly payment amount that depends on the number of users with full access to Tracker. The cost is calculated on a monthly basis.

Specifying your payment details

Before configuring access to Tacker for your company employees or topping up your account, you first need to enter your payment details. Enter them to pay for the service if you're going to use a paid Tracker plan.

  1. On the top Tracker panel, click  → Payment, then click Payment details on the left-hand panel.
  2. Fill out the form and click Save.