Configure issue types and statuses

Restriction. By default, only the queue owner can configure a queue.

Issues are generally completed in multiple stages. In Tracker, each issue stage corresponds to a certain status. A set of usable issue statuses and status transition rules is called a workflow.

A queue can include different types of issues, such as “New feature”, “Improvement”, or “Bug”. A unique workflow can be configured for each issue type.

To configure a workflow for a particular issue type:

  1. Go to the queue page and select  → Configure.
  2. Add a new issue type to the queue and choose the workflow and resolution set.

    You can select an existing workflow from the queue template or create a new workflow. The same workflow can be used for multiple types of issues.

  3. Once you've created a workflow, set the available issue statuses.
  4. Set status transitions for each available status:

    • The order and conditions for status transitions.

    • Additional actions to trigger during a status transition. For example, you can set up your issue fields to change their values automatically.

    • Transition screens are pop-up windows with preset fields displayed during status changes.

Configure issue types

Creating a workflow

Set up statuses

Configure transitions