Queue statistics

To view statistics on queue issues, open the queue page and go to the Statistics tab. This tab includes:

  • Number and distribution of issues by type.
  • Number and distribution of issues by priority.

  • Number of issues related to various components.

  • Issue statistics by assignee.

Time spent report

On the statistics page, you can make a report on time spent. The report only includes issues that use time tracking.

To generate a report:

  1. Click Time Spent Report.

  2. Select the type of report:

    • Assignee report — For each assignee, the table lists the issues they worked on, their type, queue, priority, and data on time spent.

    • Pivot report — Report grouped by issue. For each issue, the table lists the people who worked on the issue, along with the type, priority, and time spent.

  3. Specify the period for which you want to get a report.

  4. Select a queue. To do this, start typing the queue key in the Queue field and select a queue from the drop-down list. You can select multiple queues at once.

  5. Specify the users or group of users for which you want to get a report.

  6. Click Export as XLSX.

The report is saved as a file in xlsx format. You can view the file using most modern spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice.