Queue email address

Restriction. By default, queue settings can only be accessed by the queue owner.

Assign an email address to the queue so that issues can be created via email:

  1. Open the queue page.

  2. To the left of the queue name, select  → Admin.

  3. Go to the Mailboxes tab.

  4. Click Add email address.

  5. Fill in the fields:




    Enter the address to assign to the queue.

    Issue type

    Choose the type of issues that can be created via email.


    List components for issues created via email.

    Accept email from external addresses

    Enable this option if you want to be able to create issues from addresses that are not in your organization.
  6. Click Save.

You can add multiple addresses for creating issues with different types or different components.

Note. The queue mailbox is only used for creating issues. You can't log into the mailbox to read or send messages.