View the history of queue changes

Restriction. By default, queue settings can only be accessed by the queue owner.

The changelog displays all changes to the issue queue. Each entry contains information on what was changed as well as the date and the user responsible for the change.

  1. Viewing changelogs
  2. Filtering entries

Viewing changelogs

  1. Open the queue page.
  2. Select  → Configure to the left of the queue name.
  3. Go the Changelog tab.

Filtering entries

You can use filters to find a specific changelog entry. Here is the list of available filters:

  1. By author

    Find changes made by a specific user.

  2. By change type

    View configuration changes of a particular type.

  3. By component

    View component changes: creation, deletion, field changes, etc.

  4. By date

    Find changes for a specific timeframe. You can specify just the start and end dates, as well as the whole interval.

  5. Disabling filters

    Click Reset to disable a filter.