Advanced queue features

You can use advanced queue features to manage your issues more effectively and create your own workflow. These features include automatic changes to issue fields, mailbox integration, and notifications.

You can:

  • Automate certain recurring actions within queues, such as changing values in issue fields or sending preset comments. To do this, create triggers, auto actions, and macros.
  • Set up the queue email address to create issues from incoming mail and respond to user emails right from the issue page. This helps log and process user requests, such as those sent to support.
  • Embed a Yandex Forms form on the issue creation page to use it as a template to fill your issue fields by.
  • Subscribe users to notifications about changes to all issues in the queue or issues related to specific components and versions.
  • Configure components to group issues in the queue by product components or other shared parameters.
  • Configure versions to select product versions related to issues in the queue.
  • Create and edit projects, which are groups of issues that can have their own managers and deadlines. Projects let you group issues by a shared goal, even if those issues are handled by different teams across multiple queues.
  • Configure an SLA to monitor how quickly issues in a queue are resolved. This is useful when you need to respond to user requests within a certain period of time, such as requests to support.