Send notifications to external addresses

Restriction. Only the company admin can configure sending notifications to external email addresses.

By default, Tracker sends notifications to the addresses of users in Yandex.Connect. You can configure Yandex.Connect so that all email addressed to your organization's mailboxes in Yandex.Connect are forwarded to mailboxes in your own domain. However, it doesn't matter which mail service you use — after configuring, you can continue using it.

To configure forwarding email to mailboxes in your domain:

  1. Log in to Yandex.Connect with an administrator account.

  2. Choose Admin → Domains.

  3. Click Add at the bottom of the list of domains and add your mail domain.

  4. Confirm domain ownership, but do not delegate it to Yandex servers.

  5. Wait for your domain to be verified, then click Make primary. Now all emails that come to the organization's mailboxes in Yandex.Connect will be forwarded to mailboxes in your domain.

  6. Make sure that your domain's MX records continue to point to the mail servers you are using.

    How to view the MX record
    1. Enter the name of your domain (for example, “yourdomain.tld”) in the field Site address: or Hostnames or IP addresses:.

    2. Choose MX in the drop-down list and click Fix or Dig.

  7. Create Yandex.Connect user accounts so that user logins in Yandex.Connect matched the names of the mailboxes on your mail service.

    Tip. Set up Lost email collection in case you make a mistake when creating employee accounts. Then create a mailbox with the same name on your mail service.
  8. If you aren't planning to use the Yandex mail service for your organization, you can disable it in Pricing and services.