Gantt chart

You can build a Gantt chart to visualize your queue issues on the Gantt chart tab.

The Gantt chart in Tracker is a tool for planning work on issues on the calendar. Deadlines for issues are marked on the chart as bars along the time axis. The beginning of each bar corresponds to the start date for working on the issue, and the end of the bar is the end date or deadline.

The bar color indicates the status of the issue:

  • Yellow: the deadline hasn't passed yet.
  • Red: the deadline has already passed, but the issue is not closed.

  • Grey: the issue is closed.

Build a chart

To build a Gantt chart:

  1. Open the list of queue issues.

  2. Use the filter designer to select the issues to build a Gantt chart for.

    To create the chart for all the issues in the queue, click Clear filters on the left.

  3. Go to the Gantt Chart tab.

The Gantt chart is based on the filters configured on the Issues tab. If there are too many issues on the chart, use the quick filters or grouping:

Manage deadlines

If no start or end dates have been set yet, you can use the chart to select an appropriate time interval with the mouse.

To change the start or end date of an issue, drag the end of the bar.

You can also click an issue name and change the following field values on the issue card to the right: Start date, End date, and Deadline. Refresh the page for changes to appear on the chart.

Unsorted issues

Tasks that do not have the start and end dates set are grouped under Unsorted issues. Quick filters and grouping settings are not applied to these issues.

If you want to set deadlines using the chart, do the following:

  1. Use your mouse to select an appropriate time interval on the chart.

  2. In the window that appears, edit the field values for Start date, End date, and Deadline if necessary.

  3. Click Save.

You can also click the issue name and set deadlines using the issue card to the right. Refresh the page for changes to appear on the chart.