You can create issues automatically based on information taken from Yandex.Forms by linking the platform to Tracker.

You can post your forms on websites or add them to websites and wiki pages. Using such forms, even users with no access to Tracker can create issues on their own. Forms make it much more convenient to process user requests sent to the support team or collect support requests.

If you want to use a form as a template for quickly creating standardized issues, embed the form on the issue creation page in Tracker.

To set up forms for issue creation:

  1. Go to Yandex.Forms. If it isn't activated, contact your organization's admin.

  2. Create a new form.

    Set up your form to collect data needed for issue creation.

  3. Configure Tracker integration:

    1. Specify your queue and other issue parameters.
    2. Use the Issue description field to add answers to the questions included in your form.
    3. If you want to save a specific answer in your issue parameters, go to integration settings, add an issue field, click Variables → Answer, and choose the question.

      You can also create a new field if the one you need isn't available in the issue parameters.

    4. Save your integration settings.

    The form will send out notifications containing lists of user answers to Tracker. Tracker will then create issues based on those lists.

  4. Configure access rights to the form.

    Any user can fill out the form by default. If you want, you can reserve this right for just your organization's employees.

  5. Publish the form. Your form will be accessible via a link specified in the Link field.

Published forms can be embedded in wiki pages, posted on websites, and added to the issue creation page in Tracker.

To learn more about Yandex.Forms, see Help.