Changing basic queue settings

Restriction. By default, only the queue owner can configure a queue.

To configure the main queue settings:

  1. Open the queue page.

  2. To the left of the queue name, select  → Configure.

  3. Go to the Basic settings tab.

  4. Configure queue settings.

    • General settings:
      • Queue name.

      • Queue description. The description is displayed on the queue page on the Description tab.

      • Default priority.

      • Issue voting: Allows or prohibits users from voting for issues in the queue.

    • In Advanced settings:

      • Required queue fields: Issue fields that are always displayed on the issue page, regardless of user settings.

      • Notification fields: Issue fields that are displayed in all notifications relating to queue issues.

      • Send emails: Allows users to send emails to any address directly from the issue page. The message text is attached to the issue as a comment.

      • Add issue IDs to the email subject field: Indicates issue keys in the subject field for emails sent from the issue page.
      • Don't link to issues from other queues by default: Issue linking doesn't trigger when an issue key from another queue is embedded in a comment or issue description.
    • In Integration settings:

      • Display Commits tab: Show or hide the Commits tab on the queue and issue pages. The tab displays all commits linked to your issue.

      • Display Projects tab: Show or hide the Projects tab on the queue page.

  5. Click Save.