How to create an Agile board

Get started with Agile by creating a virtual Agile board:

  1. Create a filter for selecting issues for the board. For instance, this could be a filter by queue, component, tag, and so on.

  2. Choose Agile → New board on the upper panel in Tracker.

  3. In Agile board filter enter the URL of the filter.

  4. Use the + button to add the required number of columns to the board.

  5. To change a column heading, click .

  6. Drag and drop at least one status from the list at the top onto each column. Issues are automatically sorted into columns according to their status.

  7. Click Save.

Your new board is available in the Agile menu on the upper panel.


By default, all issues that match the filter are displayed on the Agile board. After you create at least one sprint, you can filter the list of issues by selecting the filter from the drop-down list at the top.

How to edit an Agile board

To edit an Agile board:

  1. Go to the page for the Agile board.

  2. Click on the right side of the page.

  3. Make changes to the board fields in the same way as setting them during creation.

  4. Click Update.