Creating boards

Here is what you need to create a board:

  1. Choose Boards → Create board in the upper panel in Tracker.

  2. Choose your board type:

    • Simple boards let you arrange issues by columns based on their status.
    • Scrum boards offer burndown charts, issue scoring, and sprint management tools.
    • Kanban boards don't have sprints, and all Open issues are automatically put in the Backlog column.
  3. Enter the board name:

  4. Specify your issue creation queue. This will allow you to easily create issues for the queue right on the board page.

  5. If you want issues with certain parameters to appear on the board, go to Advanced settings and set the parameters you need by clicking Add condition. You will be able to change them later.

    Otherwise you will need to add issues to the board manually.

  6. Click Create.

The new board will become available in the Boards menu on the top panel.