Burndown chart

Restriction. You can only use burndown charts for Scrum type boards.

The burndown chart shows the issue completion speed rate and the remaining workload volume within a single sprint. Burndown charts are useful for evaluating whether the team will be able to solve the planned issues in time.

The chart's vertical axis shows the total workload left in Story Points, while the horizontal axis shows time. The ideal burndown chart should be as close as possible to a straight line that starts at the point with the most amount of work during the first day (total workload volume within a sprint) and ends at the zero point during the last day of the sprint.

To view the chart:

  1. Choose a board from the Boards menu on the top panel.

  2. Go to the Burndown chart tab..

  3. Select a sprint you want to place on the chart from the drop-down list.