Use a form as a template for creating issues

Restriction. By default, queue settings can only be accessed by the queue owner.

You can use Yandex Forms to set up your form to act as a template for creating issues as well as integrate it with the Tracker interface. Such form will be displayed on the issue creation page next to the basic one. It will help users create issues by following a preset template without feeling distracted by other fields and parameters.

Step 1. Create and configure your form

  1. Go to Yandex Forms. If it isn't activated, contact your organization's admin.

  2. Create a new form from scratch or use a template called Tracker issue.

    Set up your form's fields to collect data needed for issue creation.

  3. Configure the name of the form. This name will be displayed in the Tracker interface during issue creation.

  4. Set up Tracker integration for your form.

  5. Publish your form and copy the link to the form from the Link field.

Step 2. Connect your form to the queue

  1. Open Tracker.
  2. Open the queue page.

  3. To the left of the queue name, select  → Configure.

  4. Go to Form integration and click Add form.

  5. Paste the link to the form.

  6. Add the name and description for your form. You can view them in the form selection window when creating an issue.

  7. Click Add.