How Tracker works

Tracker is designed for managing your organization's issues and projects. Any Tracker user can create an issue, set the assignee, and monitor progress.

Each issue belongs to one of the queues:

A queue is a set of issues related to a common theme. They can be issues for a specific project, department, or team.

You can assign a team to each queue. You can set special access rights for team members, configure notifications, and so on.

You can mark issues with special labels called components. Use them to sort issues within a queue.

Tracker issues can be linked to each other. There are several types of relationships for links:

  • Basic link. You can use it to show that the resolution of an issue is related to another issue.

  • Hierarchical link. You can divide complex issues into sub-issues. There is no limit on the number of sub-issues and nesting levels.