About Tracker

Yandex.Tracker is a service for managing your projects and activities. Tracker can help organize any type of work, such as software development, ad campaign management, accepting user requests, negotiating contracts, and so on.


To manage your team's workload via Tracker, you need to break it down into smaller chunks called issues. Such issues may include adding a new feature to your app, managing a support service request from a client, creating a new logo, or applying for a business trip. In Tracker, you can customize your workflow to fit various types of issues. Your workflow defines your issue completion stages and their transition rules.

Tracker helps managers distribute work among their employees and monitor their progress. You can appoint an assignee and set a deadline for any issue. Tracker helps employees find their issue list and keep track of deadlines and priorities.

All team members working together can discuss problems at hand using issue comments, invite their colleagues to comment, link issues together under a common theme, and subscribe to status change notifications.

If your team is working with Agile, try using issue boards and other Agile development tools available in Tracker.