Getting started

Team member

Tracker will help team members plan their tasks, discuss them with colleagues, and record the progress of their work. If you are new to Tracker, start with these sections:

How Tracker works

Find out what's inside Tracker and how it works.

How to create an issue

Try creating your first issue.

How to view my issues

View the list of issues that are linked to you.

How to work with an issue

Find out how to start working on an issue, record progress, and close


How to view issues in a queue

View all issues related to a topic you are interested in.

Favorites and subscriptions

Subscribe to important issues so that you can find them quickly and stay up to date with the latest changes.

Project manager

Project managers can use Tracker to effectively allocate team resources, assign tasks, and track progress. If you are new to Tracker, start with these sections:

How to create a queue

Create a queue for your project to start working on it.

Access to the queue

Set up user access to issues in your queue.

Filters and search

Find out how to quickly find the issues you need.


Create a dashboard page with statistics on issues that are important to you.

How to create an Agile board

Start using the Agile methodology by creating an Agile board.