About Yandex Tracker

Yandex Tracker is a service for managing your projects and activities. Tracker can help organize any type of work, such as software development, ad campaign management, accepting user requests, negotiating contracts, and so on.

Tracker helps managers distribute work among their employees and monitor their progress. Tracker helps employees find their issue list and keep track of deadlines and priorities.

Transparent processes

Use Tracker issues to distribute resources and plan your team's workload in a smart way. You can appoint an assignee and set a deadline for any issue.

All issues handled by your team in Tracker can be configured to fit a common workflow suited for your type of work.

Create an issue

Work with an issue

Organizing your workflow

Monitoring results

All information about important issues can be collected on a single dashboard page. You can put lists of issues, statistics, tables, and notes on a dashboard.

Issue boards are a convenient way to keep track of your team's progress.

Creating a dashboard

Editing a dashboard

How to create a board

How to use the board

Automation and templates

You can automate recurring issue actions with triggers and auto actions.

You can use templates to create standardized issues or comments that you use frequently.


Auto actions

Creating a template

Agile tools

Tracker allows you to use the Agile software development methodology in your projects. Issues can be grouped into sprints and tracked on virtual issue boards.

Create a board

Plan a sprint

Rate issues

Favorites and subscriptions

Favorite issues are easy to find, and subscriptions help you not miss important changes.

Favorite issues, boards, and dashboards

Subscribe to notifications

Search for issues

You can use filters to search for issues by any issue parameter or combinations. Use the filter designer or query language to set filters. You can save filter settings.

Finding my issues

Issue filter

Query language