Forwarding email to another address

Attention. Only new incoming messages are forwarded. You can't forward:
  • Incoming email that is already in your Inbox
  • Sent email
  • Outgoing emails
  • Email from the Spam folder
If you use two mailboxes but want to read email from both mailboxes in one place, set up message forwarding from one mailbox to the other:
  1. Open Settings  → Message filtering and click Create filter.
  2. Under Apply, choose the type of message to apply the rule to from the list:

  3. Under If, set the filter conditions:

    For more information about parameters and values, see How to set a condition.

  4. You can specify several conditions for one filter. These conditions can be met simultaneously or separately:
    1. Under If, click Add condition, then choose the parameter and its value.
    2. Specify if these conditions must be met simultaneously:

  5. Enable the Forward to option and enter the address to forward messages to. To keep copies of forwarded messages, enable save a copy when forwarding.
    Note. You can enter only one email address in the Forward to field. To forward emails to several mailboxes, create a forwarding rule for each address. For proper forwarding, enable save a copy when forwarding in all rules.
  6. Click Create a rule. Enter your Yandex password.
  7. Check the mailbox that you entered for mail to be forwarded to. You will receive an email with instructions on how to confirm email forwarding. After confirmation, new email will be redirected to the specified mailbox.
Note. To forward messages from the Spam folder, configure Yandex.Mail to not consider them spam. To do this, click the Not spam! button in these messages. Over time, such email will go to your Inbox, and you can configure forwarding for them.

Forwarding doesn't work

Make sure that the filter is enabled under Message filters and that the forwarding address is verified.

Check for any incorrect characters in the address you entered.

Also check if the receiving mailbox has any rules for deleting or moving messages to Spam.

Enter your valid personal information in Yandex.Passport and link your phone number to your account. It may be that our security system considers your account suspicious and blocked the mailbox. This usually happens if you don't link a phone number to your mailbox or enter a fake name in Yandex.Passport. The block is automatically removed after 24 hours. If you try to send an email during this time, the block is extended for another 24 hours.