Mozilla Thunderbird

To receive mail via Mozilla Thunderbird, enable POP3 or IMAP protocol in your mailbox settings.

  1. Configuring IMAP protocol
  2. Problems with Mozilla Thunderbird

Configuring IMAP protocol

  1. Launch the program and click Skip this and use my existing email in the welcome screen.
  2. Enter the following account details in the Configure mail account window:
    • Your name– username (for example, “James Kirk”)
    • Email address — your yandex email address (for example, “”)
    • Password – your Yandex password (or the application password if you enabled two-factor authentication)

    Click Continue.

  3. Click the Manual setup button and enter the following parameters for the mail servers:
    Incoming mail
    • Protocol IMAP
    • Server
    • Port 993
    • AuthenticationNormal password
    Outgoing mail
    • Server
    • Port 465
    • AuthenticationNormal password

    Also type username: your username in Yandex, for example, “capt.kirk”.

    Attention. If you configure receiving mail from a mailbox like “”, then specify the part of the address before the @ sign in the “Username” field.
  4. Click Re-test to verify that the entered details are correct. If the test was successful, click Done.
  5. Synchronize the newly created account with the server to obtain a list of folders.
  6. Right-click the account name and choose Settings.
  7. Go to Server settings and in When I delete a message, select Move to deleted items folder.
  8. Go to Copies and folders and enter your Yandex mailbox name for all the folders.
  9. Click OK to apply the changes and restart the program.