Yandex.Mail: FAQ's

Accessibility and security

I don't remember my password

I think I've been hacked

Messages have disappeared from the mailbox

Errors loading and displaying Yandex.Mail


Non-spam messages arrive in the Spam folder

How do I block unwanted messages?

Unsubscribe from mailings

My mailing goes to spam

Email clients

How do I configure the email client?

I can't get or send email

I can't delete emails

Send and retrieve mail

I'm not getting my mail

My recipients aren't getting my emails

How do I choose the sender's address?

Message filters

How do I set up mail forwarding?

A filter doesn't work

Importing mail from another mailbox

The mail import doesn't retrieve emails

Mail import doesn't work


The wrong picture is displayed

How do I remove a theme?


Incorrect order of folders

Folders disappeared