Add a response to Yandex Wiki

Restriction. Integration with Yandex Wiki is available to users of Yandex Forms for Business.

You can integrate your form with Yandex Wiki to save user responses on a wiki page. For example, if you use a form to register participants for an event, you can automatically create a list of participants in Yandex Wiki. To learn more about wiki pages, go toYandex Wiki Help.

Important. Integration won't work if user access to a Yandex Wiki page is restricted. In this case, grant access to the page to your service account @yndx-wiki-cnt-robot.

To set up sending responses to Yandex Wiki:

  1. Select a form and go to Integration.

  2. Select a group of actions in which you want to set up sending responses to Yandex Wiki and click at the bottom of the group.

  3. Specify the address of the wiki page where you want to send data from the form. Example: users/login/my-page

    By default, responses are added to the bottom of the page. To add responses to a specific place on the page:

    1. Insert an anchor in the place where you want to add responses from the form. Example: {{a name="form"}}
    2. In the Yandex Wiki integration settings, append the # character and the name of the anchor to the page address, like this: users/login/my-page#form.

    Responses from the form will be added to the page after the anchor.

  4. In the Text field, specify what data to add to the page. You can format the text using wiki markup.

    You can add a response to a prompt or other form data to the text:

    • Select a field and click Variables on the right.
    • Select a variable from the list that you want to add.

    For instance, you can add a user's name and email to the text.

  5. For the user to get a link to the wiki page after filling out the form, turn on the Show result to user option under the name of the action.

  6. Click Save.

To send responses to multiple wiki pages at the same time, configure multiple notifications using the button at the bottom of the page.

If you want data to be sent to Yandex Wiki only if the user gave certain responses, set the conditions.