Quick start

Step 1. Create a form

  1. Go to the Yandex Forms version where you want to create the form. How to choose a Yandex Forms version
  2. In the top panel, click Create a form.

  3. From the list on the left, select the blocks and put them on the form in the following order:

    No. Blocks Settings


    • Enter text:

      Please fill out this trial form.
    • Add your comments:

      Required fields are marked with an asterisk.


    • Enter a prompt:

      Last name:
    • Enable the Required prompt option.


    • Enter a prompt:

    • Add responses:

      • male
      • female


    • Enter a prompt:

      Marital status:
    • Add responses:

      • single
      • married


    Enter a prompt:

    Maiden name:
  4. Set the conditions for showing the “Maiden name” prompt:

    1. Hover over the “Maiden name” block and click the icon that appears.

    2. Add two conditions and fill in the fields as in the example:

    Now this prompt is visible in the form only if the user previously selected female gender and the “married” status.

Step 2. Publish your form

To allow users to fill out the form, you need to publish it:
  1. Click Share.

  2. To copy a link to a form, click in the Link field.

  3. Paste the link in your browser address bar and open it.

    If you've done everything correctly, the new form opens:

  4. Send users a link to the form.

Step 3. Get responses to prompts

To get a table with user responses to form prompts:

  1. Go to the Responses tab.

  2. In the Download responses list, enable the All option.

  3. In the Format list, select XLSX.

  4. In the Filter by response date list, select For all time.

  5. Click Download.