How to get started

Step 1. Create a form

  1. Click the button + New form on the top panel.

  2. Select Empty form.

  3. Add several blocks from the list on the left to the form. Place the blocks in the following order:

    No. Blocks Settings


    • Enter text:

      Please fill out this sample form.
    • Add comments:

      Required fields are marked with an asterisk.


    • Enter a question:

    • Enable the option Required prompt.


    • Enter a question:

    • Add responses:

      • male
      • female


    • Enter a question:

      Marital status:
    • Add responses:

      • single
      • married


    Enter a question:

    Maiden name:
  4. Configure the conditions for showing the “Maiden name” block:

    • Hold the cursor over the “Maiden name” block and click the button that appears .

    • Add two conditions and fill in the fields as shown in the picture:

    Now this block will appear only when the responses chosen to the preceding questions are female gender and marital status “married”.

Step 2. Publish the form

To allow users to fill out a form, publish it:
  1. Go to the Publication tab.

  2. Select the option: Deadline for accepting responses Indefinitely.

  3. Click Publish.

The published form can be filled in at the address specified in the Link. If you did everything correctly, the new form will look like this:

Step 3. Get responses to questions

To get a table with users' responses to questions in a form:

  1. Go to the Responses tab.

  2. In the Download responses list, enable the All option.

  3. In the Format list, select the XLS option.

  4. Click Download.