Get question and response IDs

Question and response IDs are used for pre-filling forms. There are several ways to get IDs for different question types.

  1. Question ID
  2. IDs for a series of questions
  3. Response IDs

Question ID

You can find the question ID in the question editing window in Settings.

IDs for a series of questions

A series of questions can be added to the form several times. This means that questions from a series may repeat. To distinguish between multiple instances of the same question, question IDs that belong in a series get a suffix, which is the instance number after a double underscore. The numbers start with zero, so the suffix may look like __0, __1, or __2.

For example, the form has a series of questions:

  • “Name” with question ID text_2643945.
  • “Phone” with question ID phone_2752014.

To set pre-filling for a series of questions:

  • For the first instance of the series (which is displayed on the form by default), use text_2643945__0 and phone_2752014__0 question IDs.
  • For the second instance of the series (which can be added by clicking more "series of questions"), use text_2643945__1 and phone_2752014__1 question IDs.

Response IDs

You can find out the response IDs in your browser by using developer tools.

To learn about getting IDs, let's use Yandex Browser as an example:

  1. Open developer tools using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I (for Windows and Linux) or ⌘ + Option + I (for macOS).
  2. Select the tool and click the necessary response field, list, or marker.

  3. On the Elements tab, a fragment of the page code with the question or response parameters is highlighted.
  4. Find the ID values in the code:
    • Question ID: Find the name parameter value (except for the “Rate on a scale” question type).
    • Response ID: Find the value parameter value.
    • For the “Drop-down list” question type, the code lists all available response options.
    • For the “Rate on a scale” question type, the name parameter has the question ID and the criterion ID.
    • For the “Cities and countries” question type, enter the response that you want first, and you'll see its ID in the code.