Create a form

To conduct a survey, collect votes, accept requests, or take orders, create a form:

  1. Go to the Yandex Forms version where you want to create the form. How to choose a Yandex Forms version
  2. Select a template for your form or click Create a form in the top panel.
  3. To change the name of the form, hover over New form and click the icon.
  4. On the Constructor tab, add prompts for the user to respond to.

    To create a test or quiz, use prompts from the Tests and quizzes category.

  5. Customize the appearance of the form.
  6. To see what your form will look like after publishing, click Preview.
  7. To limit the timeframe for accepting responses or the number of respondents, use options on the Settings tab. By default, no limits are set.
  8. To use data from responses in other services, configure integration.
Note. If you're using Yandex Forms for Business, you can give the employees of your organization access to edit the form.

Copy a form

To create a new form based on an existing one, copy the form and edit it:

  1. In the upper panel in Yandex Forms, go to My forms.
  2. Select a form and hover over it.
  3. Click and select Copy.
  4. Edit prompts and adjust the settings of the new form.

Use a template

Yandex Forms has several templates for popular types of forms. To create a form based on a template:

  1. Select a template:

    • Feedback form: For collecting users' reviews.
    • Questionnaire: For a survey on any topic.
    • Application: For collecting service requests or customer orders.
    • Registration for an event: For collecting applications to take part in an event.

    To create a form from scratch, select From scratch.

  2. To see what the form with your selected template will look like after publishing, click For the user.
  3. Click Create form from template.