Create a form

Forms are made up of various types of blocks. You can customize each block's content and the conditions under which it is shown.

Add form blocks

To create a form:

  1. Click the button + New form on the top panel.

  2. Choose a suitable template:

    • Event registration — application for guests to attend an event. You can easily manage guest lists using notifications in Wiki.

    • Feedback — form for collecting feedback from users. You can process feedback using notifications in Tracker.

    • Job application — form to apply for a position in your organization. Set up Mail notifications for applications to go straight to the Human Resources department.

    • Empty form — a new form that you can customize as you wish.

  3. Add and configure blocks. To do this, select a block from the list on the left and drag it to the work area.

    To customize a block that you've added, click on it.

  4. Drag blocks to change their order. Just hold the cursor over the block, click on the icon and drag the block to the desired position.

  5. To split the form into multiple pages, click Add page in the lower part of the work area. Users can switch between pages of the form using the Next and Back buttons.

    Restriction. Users will not be able to go to the next page until they have filled in the required fields on the preceding page.
  6. To see what the finished form will look like, click Preview.

Block parameters

To configure a block, click on it. The following parameters are available for most blocks:

  • Question — the main text of the block.

  • Comments — additional text. Displayed in a small font size under the main text of the question.

  • Required — if this option is enabled, the question is marked as mandatory.

  • Answers — list of multiple-choice responses to choose from.

  • Limit the number of characters — specify the minimum and maximum number of characters permitted in the response.

  • Add a hint — if this option is enabled, a suggestion will be shown for filling in the field.

Conditions for showing blocks

You can configure any block to appear or not appear in a survey depending on the responses to previous questions:

  1. Hold the cursor over a block.

  2. Click the icon .

  3. Select the option On condition.

  4. Set the conditions for showing the question:

    • Specify a question that has a response that will cause the block to appear.

    • Enter the response text that you want to check for matches.

    • Select how to compare: response selected (“equals”) or response not selected (“not equal to”).

  5. To add multiple conditions, use the Boolean AND and OR operators. If you added multiple conditions with different operators, the AND operators are applied first.