Connect Yandex Metrica

To analyze statistics on form visits and user actions, you can add a Yandex Metrica tracking tag to your form. To learn more about tracking tags, go to Yandex Metrica Help.

  1. Add tag
  2. Analyze user actions

Add tag

To add a tag to the form page:

  1. Select a Yandex Metrica tag to use for collecting statistics or create a new one.
  2. Copy the form link and paste it in the tag settings as the site address.

    Note. So that the tag can receive data from different forms or from other sites, turn off Receive data only from specified adresses in the tag settings. Then you can specify any address in the Site address field.
  3. Go to the Settings tab and select Additional in the left panel.

  4. Turn on the Connect Yandex Metrica option and enter the tag number.

  5. Click Save.

Analyze user actions

You can use the Yandex Metrica tag to track the actions of users who opened the form page. For example, you can track the number of users who submitted a completed form and calculate the conversion rate (the percentage of all users who opened the form).

To track user actions:

  1. Connect a Yandex Metrica tag to your form.
  2. In Yandex Metrica, go to the settings of the connected tag and add a goal.
  3. For the goal, select the JavaScript event condition type and specify the goal ID. Events with the following goal IDs are tracked on the form page:

    • The user filled in at least one field in the form: ya-forms_start-change.
    • The user clicked the Submit button on the form: ya-forms_submit.
    • The user clicked the Next button on a multi-page form: ya-forms_next.
    • The user clicked the Back button on a multi-page form: ya-forms_prev.

To learn more about using goals, go to Yandex Metrica Help.