GET parameters

You can use GET parameters to add attributes to the URL address of a form. GET parameters allow you to automatically fill in the fields of the form that you publish using a link or embed on a page using iframe:

  1. Get the question ID and response ID (for questions with multiple response options).
  2. Append a question mark (?) and the parameter to the form URL. The format of the parameter depends on the question type:
    • For questions with an input field, like “Short text” or “Email”:

      <question id>=<response text>

      If there are multiple words in the response text, replace the spaces with a + sign. Examples:
    • For questions with response options, like “One answer” or “Several answers”:

      <question id>=<response id>

    • For a “Date” question:

      <question id>=YYYY-MM-DD

    • For a “Yes/No” question:

      <question id>=True

    • For a “Rate on a scale” question.

      Select a response for one criterion:

      <question id>=<response id>

      Select responses for multiple criteria:

      <question id>[<X criterion id>]=<X response id>&<question id>[<Y criterion id]=<Y response id>

  3. To fill in several form fields at once, add multiple GET parameters separated by the & symbol: