Forms for business

Company employees can use forms in their work: accept orders or requests and conduct surveys among their colleagues or clients.

Users of the organizations registered on Yandex.Connect or Yandex.Cloud enjoy the advanced Yandex Forms collaboration features.

  1. Access to forms for business
  2. Features of Yandex Forms for Business

Access to forms for business

  • Form for business can be accessed by users of the organization registered in Yandex.Connect or Yandex Cloud Organization.

    Important. Yandex.Connect will close by the end of 2021. All Yandex.Connect organizations that use Yandex Forms will be transferred to the Yandex.Cloud platform. Read more in Yandex.Connect Help.

    To learn more about how to connect Yandex Forms for Business to a new organization, go to the Yandex Forms documentation on the Yandex.Cloud platform.

    To learn more about managing organizations in the Yandex Cloud Organization documentation.

  • To create and edit forms for business, go to and log in to the account you're using for work in your organization.

    If you are registered in several organizations, you can see which organization each of the forms belongs to in the list of forms.

Features of Yandex Forms for Business

Users of organizations enjoy advanced features: