Yandex Forms in Yandex.Cloud

In Yandex Forms, company employees can create forms to use in their work with their colleagues. Such forms used to be linked to organizations in Yandex.Connect. Due to Yandex.Connect restructuring, Yandex Forms is now available on the Yandex.Cloud platform, and some changes have been made to the way it works:

  • Since September 6, 2021, the Yandex Forms service has become part of the Yandex.Cloud platform.
  • Yandex Forms will have a section for business where company employees can create and edit forms in collaboration with their colleagues.

    When you first log in to Yandex Forms for Business, you'll need to accept the Yandex.Cloud Terms of Use.

  • Forms that were connected to Yandex.Connect organizations were moved to the section for business. Your personal forms can still be found at the same address:

  • All Yandex.Connect and Yandex Cloud Organization (a Yandex.Cloud service for managing organizations) users have access to Yandex Forms for Business.
  • If you don't have an organization yet, a new organization will be created in Yandex.Cloud after you log in to Yandex Forms for Business for the first time. You can manage this organization in the Yandex Cloud Organization service. The service supports logging in with corporate accounts through a Single Sign-On (SSO) system. Read more in the Yandex Cloud Organization documentation.
  • If the user is registered in several organizations, you can see which organization each of the forms belongs to in the list of forms.

The users of Yandex Forms for Business have access to all the features previously available to Yandex.Connect users. Read more about forms for business in the Forms for business section.

All Yandex.Connect organizations that use Yandex Tracker, Yandex Forms, or Yandex.Wiki will be transferred to the Yandex.Cloud platform by the end of 2021. After your organization is transfered to Yandex.Cloud, you'll be able to manage it using the Yandex Cloud Organization service.