Multiple answers

In this block, the user can select multiple responses from the options suggested. One or more responses may be correct. The user gets points for this prompt only if they select all the correct responses and no incorrect ones.

For example, the prompt says: Which of these cities are in Italy?

Response options:

  • Nice: 0 points.
  • Naples: 1 point.
  • Valencia: 0 points.
  • Milan: 1 point.

There are two correct responses: Naples and Milan. If the user selects these two cities but not Nice and Valencia, they get 2 points.

Block settings:


Enter your prompt.

  • To add an image to the prompt, click .
  • To add a comment or hint to the prompt, click + Add comment. The comment is displayed in a small font.
  • To format the text of your prompt or comment, use Markdown.
  1. Set the response options for the user to select several of them:

    • To add a response option, select Add option and enter the text of the response.
    • To format the text of the response, use Markdown.
    • To add an image to the response option, click .
    • To move an option to a different position in the list, drag it by the icon.
  2. Under all the responses that you think are correct, select Correct.
  3. Under the correct responses, specify the number of points that the user gets for each response. It must be a positive integer or fraction with no more than 2 decimal places.

    Points for all correct responses are summed up. The user gets all the points only if they choose all the correct responses to the prompt.

Question ID

Use the question ID for pre-filling forms.

You can edit the ID. All questions in the same form must have unique IDs.

Required prompt

Turn on this option to mark a required prompt with an “asterisk”. If the user doesn't respond to this prompt, they can't submit the completed form.

Hidden question

Turn on this option if you don't want to show a prompt on the form. You can use hidden questions for sending technical parameters.

Important. Don't turn on Hidden question and Required prompt at the same time, or users won't be able to submit the completed form.
Sort responses
Turn on this option and choose one of the sorting methods:
  • Alphabetical.
  • Random for each user: Select this sorting method if you don't want the user's choice to be affected by the order in which responses are displayed.