Restriction. This block is only available to Yandex.Connect users.

In this block, the user can specify a team in Yandex.Connect. When they type in the field, hints with team names are shown.

For example, you can use this block in a new vacancy request for a specific project team.

Block settings:


Enter the field name or the prompt.

  • To add an image to the title, click .
  • To add a comment or hint to the prompt, click + Add comment. The comment is displayed in a small font.
  • To format the text of your prompt or comment, use Markdown.
Question ID

Use the question ID for pre-filling forms.

You can edit the ID. All questions in the same form must have unique IDs.

Required prompt

Turn on this option to mark a required prompt with an “asterisk”. If the user doesn't respond to this prompt, they can't submit the completed form.

Hidden question

Turn on this option if you don't want to show a prompt on the form. You can use hidden questions for sending technical parameters.

Important. Don't turn on Hidden question and Required prompt at the same time, or users won't be able to submit the completed form.
Multiple answers
Turn on this option to allow the user to select multiple teams.