Series of questions

A series of questions combines several different types of questions. When the user fills out the form, they can copy a series of questions and answer them again. This is convenient if they need to enter the same data multiple times on the same form.

For example, you can add a series of questions that has the “Name”, “Last name”, and “Email” fields to a form for registering event participants. Then the user can create a group application for taking part in the event by copying the series of questions and entering multiple participants' data in the same form.

You can also use a series to group multiple questions together and set up common display conditions for them.

To add a series of questions:

  1. Add a Series of questions block to the form workspace.
  2. To add questions to the series, drag them from the workspace or from the left panel to the Series of questions block.

    Questions in a series are marked with a vertical line along the left edge of the workspace. You can edit questions in a series in the same way as separate questions.

  3. To change the heading for a series of questions, click it.
  4. To change where a series of questions is placed on a form, hover over the series and drag it by the icon to the right place.
  5. To set up display conditions for a series of questions, hover over it and click the icon that appears.