Get responses

  1. Download or view responses
  2. Get files that are attached to the form
  3. View response statistics
  4. Delete responses

Download or view responses

You can view responses in the Yandex.Forms interface, download them as a file, or save them on Yandex.Disk.

  1. Select a form and go to the Responses tab.
  2. On the Summary tab, configure the content and format of the response list that you want to view or save:

    • In the Download responses block, choose the prompts that you want to get responses to. To get responses to all prompts, select All.
    • If you want to download the responses file or save it on Yandex.Disk, select the file format.
    • To get responses that were submitted during a specific time period, click Select dates and set the start and end of the period.

    • To make the list of responses include data from users who completed the form and additional response parameters, click Show additional parameters.

  3. Choose how to get responses:

    View recent responses

    Click View. You'll see a list that contains a maximum of 100 recent responses to your prompts.

    Download responses in a file

    Click Download. A file with responses in the format that you selected will be downloaded to your computer.

    Save responses on Yandex.Disk

    Click Upload to Yandex.Disk. To save attachments from the form on Yandex.Disk, select Save to Yandex.Disk with attached files..

    • If you choose the XLSX file format, the table with responses opens in the Yandex.Disk online editor.

    • If you select the CSV or JSON format, a folder on Yandex.Disk containing the saved file opens.

    • If new tabs are blocked from opening in your browser, a link to the saved file appears next to the Upload to Yandex.Disk button.
    • The attached files will be available in the Yandex.Forms/<Form ID>/Files folder on Yandex.Disk and via the link from the list of responses.

    You can access the responses saved on Yandex.Disk from any device, and you can share them with other users. To learn more about using Yandex.Disk, go to Help.

Get files that are attached to the form

Files that users attached to the form are available via links that you can find in the list of responses:

  1. In the list, find the response that has a link to a file and click it.
    If files are uploaded to Yandex.Disk

    When you click the link, the file page opens on Yandex.Disk.

    Restriction. If you use a direct link, image and document preview is unavailable.

    Files are stored on Yandex.Disk for an indefinite length of time, and you can share them with other users.

    • To download or share a file, click .
    • To view a list of all files that are attached to the form, go to the folder by clicking .
    If files are stored on the Yandex.Forms server

    When you click the link, the file opens for viewing in your browser or downloads to your computer.

    If you send a link to another user, they need to log in to their Yandex account to view the file.

    Restriction. Attached files are stored on the Yandex.Forms server for 3 months, after which the files are deleted. We recommend uploading files to Yandex.Disk or saving them on your computer.

View response statistics

To view brief response statistics:

  1. Select a form and go to the Responses tab.
  2. Scroll down to the list of prompts.

You can see how many responses each prompt has. For multiple-choice prompts, you can see the vote distribution.

Delete responses

You can't delete responses in Yandex.Forms. If you want to reset all received responses and use the same form again, create a copy of the form:

  1. In the upper panel in Yandex.Forms, go to My forms.
  2. Select a form and hover over it.
  3. Click and select Copy.

    All prompts and settings will be moved to the new form, but there won't be any responses in it.

  4. At the top of the page, you'll see a notification that the form has been copied. Click Go to form.
  5. Share a new link to the form.