What is Yandex Forms?

The Yandex Forms service will help you create surveys, collect feedback, accept requests, make tests and quizzes.

Create a form with prompts for users to respond to and publish it. When users fill out the form, you can get their responses and integrate the data with other services.

Simple structure

Create forms from simple blocks that can be combined in any order.

Make tests and quizzes.


Set up conditions to show or hide prompts depending on the user's previous responses.

Customize the appearance of the form.


Publish forms using direct links, post them on a site, or embed them in Wiki pages. You can make any form public or restrict access to your employees only.

Set up automatic pre-filling of the form fields.

Integration with other services

Configure integration to send data from the form to Yandex Mail, Yandex Wiki, or Yandex Tracker.