Error loading and displaying the Yandex.Disk pages

Sometimes when working with Yandex.Disc the buttons don't work, page elements don't load, photos don't open, files fail to download or the browser reports an error.

Why this happens and how to fix it:

The browser doesn't display the page correctly

To reduce traffic consumption, the browser saves copies of visited pages in cache. When you view the pages again, the browser may load their data from memory. For example, if the browser loads the incoming mail page from cache, it shows an outdated number for new messages.

Try refreshing the page to force loading from the internet. If the problem persists, clear the browser cache and delete all cookies.

Extensions block Yandex.Mail

Mail may work incorrectly due to the browser add-ons and extensions. To check this, disable them temporarily. If Yandex.Mail works incorrectly because of the ad blocking or antivirus extension, add the Yandex.Mail page as an exception for this extension. To add the Yandex services in the ad blocker exceptions, see the Configure the AdBlock Plus extension for Yandex to work correctly section.

You are using an outdated browser

An outdated browser may not support the technologies used for fast and convenient page loading. Install the latest version of your browser.

The internet speed decreased

Close all browser tabs except Yandex.Mail. Turn off applications that use the internet and refresh the page.