Shared folders

You can grant access to your folders on Disk to your co-workers. When they get access, they will see a copy of the shared folder on their own Disk.

When you make changes to a shared folder, such as renaming or adding a file, all the participants see your changes. Information about changes is also shown in their Feed and History.

If you give users full access to a folder, they can also modify your files and upload new ones. This way you can work on the same files together.

  1. Folder access
    1. Access rights
  2. Why do other users' folders take up space on my Disk?
  3. How do I access a shared folder quickly?
  4. Actions for shared folders
  5. Comments on shared folders
  6. The recommendations didn't help

Folder access

  1. Choose a folder and click the Shared access button:

    To open access to a folder using the “Yandex.Disk” program, right-click the folder and choose the Yandex.Disk: Access settings option.
    Restriction. You can't open access to a folder if it:
    • Doesn't belong to you.
    • Contains a shared folder.
    • Is inside a shared folder.
  2. Choose co-workers or teams from the list or enter the address manually.

    To get access to a folder, a Yandex account is required. If a person you invited doesn't have an account, we will suggest registration.

  3. Choose access rights and click the Invite button.

    After the person accepts the invitation, a copy of your folder is created on their Disk. If there is not enough space for a copy, the invitation can't be accepted.

Access rights

When granting access to a folder, you can give the user the following rights:

  • Read-only — Permission to view and download files from the shared folder.

    In this case, the participant won't be able to modify or add files either on the service's page, or using an application. (The “Yandex.Disk” web app doesn't sync changes in a shared folder made by a participant with restricted access on their computer.)

  • Full access — Permission to upload new files, modify files (rename, edit, publish) and remove them.

All participants, regardless of their access rights, can add comments in the shared folder.

You can't configure access to individual files and folders inside a shared folder. Participants will lose access to a file in a shared folder if the owner or a participant with full access removes the file or moves it into a closed folder.

To change access rights, choose a folder and click the button on the right-hand panel. In the window that opens, you can change individual access rights or deny access to participants (a copy of your folder will be removed from their Disks). New access rights will be automatically applied immediately after your edits.

Why do other users' folders take up space on my Disk?

When you accept an invitation, the service copies the entire folder to your Disk (regardless of your access rights). So if you have 10 GB of space in Disk, you can't accept an invitation to access a folder of a bigger size.

If a shared folder eventually takes up all the free space on your Disk, you won't be able to upload new files to your Disk. Your access to the shared folder will remain the same. A shared folder will stop using space on your Disk only if you remove it.

Note. If your organization signs up for the Advanced plan, shared folders won't use space on the participants' Disks.

How do I access a shared folder quickly?

You can quickly access a shared folder from the Feed. It reflects all the changes made by the folder participants. You can leave a comment on the folder from the Feed.

You can see the list of folders with shared access on the Shared folders page. Each shared folder is marked with an icon .

Actions for shared folders

  • All participants can rename and move a shared folder on their own Disks. This does not have any effect on granting or getting access rights.
  • Authorized users can revoke their own access to a shared folder by deleting the copy from their own Disk.
  • If the owner of a shared folder deletes it, all participants lose their access rights to the folder.

Comments on shared folders

Participants can leave comments on a shared folder and files inside it, reply to the comments, and add likes and dislikes. All participants can leave comments, regardless of access rights.
To leave a comment:
  1. Select the shared folder or a file in a shared folder.
  2. Click the Write a comment link or the link with the number of comments (on the right-side panel).

You can't change your comment after publication, but you can delete it and write another one. The owner of the shared folder can remove the comments of any participant.

When a participant leaves a comment, you will see a pop-up notification in the right corner of the screen. Information about it will also appear in the list of all notifications. To view all notifications, click the icon. If you don't want to receive pop-up notifications about likes and comments, click the icon and disable the options.

All new comments will be shown in the Feed. You can reply to them straight from the Feed and leave Likes and Dislikes.

The recommendations didn't help

If you followed our recommendations but the problem wasn't resolved, or your question is not in the list, write to the support service.