The Yandex.Disk program

The Yandex.Disk program combines the features of the experimental Disk 2.0 and the classic Yandex.Disk program. In the new program, you can work with files on the computer, synchronizing only those folders and files that you need. Other folders and files are displayed in the program but are stored only in the cloud. You must use the internet to access them.

Choose your operating system to open the suitable help section:

Moving from older programs to Yandex.Disk 3.0

To update, install the new version over the old one. The new program will replace the old one.

If you previously had the classic program or Disk 2.0 installed, all your settings from the old program will be transferred to the new one automatically:

  • The old Yandex.Disk folder will be linked to the new program.
  • Custom synchronization is preserved, but in a new way.

What else will change:

  • Photos and videos won't be uploaded automatically from devices connected to the computer. But you can turn on unlimited auto-upload in the Yandex.Disk mobile app or upload the files manually.
  • The first versions of the program won't have a list of recently synced files in the quick access menu. This list will appear in the upcoming versions.
Note. To go back to the classic program or to Yandex.Disk 2.0, remove the new Yandex.Disk program first.