All photos

The All photos page displays all JPG photos with a specified creation date. Here you can also find photos that were automatically uploaded to Yandex.Disk from mobile devices.

Note. You can't manually add photos to this section because it is compiled automatically. If you want a photo to appear in this section, add to it the date it was taken on.

To access the All photos page, navigate to the panel on the left and go to Photo → All photos.

You can share photos, add them to a private or public album, move, rename, and edit them in the photo editor, or remove them from the Disk. To do this, point at the photo, click the icon in its lower left corner and choose the desired operation in the top panel.

Note. Photos are not copied physically to the All photos section — they are only displayed in it. This means that if you delete a photo from this section, it will be deleted from your Disk. If you delete a photo from this section by mistake, you can recover it.

If you want to quickly find pictures from a specific month, click the icon above the photos and choose a creation date.