How your location is used

Information provided by many Yandex services depends on the user's location. For example, the Yandex home page will show the current weather forecast, entertainment listings and traffic jams for your city. Your location is also taken into account in search results. For example, if you are searching for a gym, Yandex will show you the ones nearest to you.

If you disable location tracking, you will see the Results nearby link in search results. Click or tap it to allow access to your location and get more accurate results for your query.

You can change the access settings to your location by following the instructions in the Geolocation settings.

  1. How Yandex finds your city
  2. My city was not identified correctly
  3. How to set your city manually
  4. I cannot change my city in the settings
  5. How to reset your city settings
  6. How to disable location tracking

How Yandex finds your city

Attention. Location data for your device is not associated with your personal info and is only sent with user permission.

Yandex can determine the location of your device in one of several ways:

  • By IP address

    The city where a given device that is connected to the internet is located is determined using the IP address of that device.

    There may be situations where the same IP address is used in different cities. In this case, one user's location will be correctly determined, but another user's location will not.

  • Using LBS technology

    LBS (Location-based service) technology allows you to determine a more accurate location for a device through the use of location data.

    • Via Wi-Fi access points. When a device's Wi-Fi adapter is switched on, it periodically checks the strength of nearby network signals. If there is at least one Wi-Fi network that Yandex is aware of among those that the device picks up on, then the approximate location of the device can be determined. This might be a Wi-Fi hotspot in a nearby cafe, for example.
    • Via cellular network. A mobile device's location is determined using cellular network information (Cell ID), wherein the device is located within a certain radius of a cellular network.

    The received coordinates are then compared against Yandex's own database of available Wi-Fi locations and Cell IDs.

    Note. Yandex.Maps users helped put together this database. Using built-in Yandex.Locator technology, Yandex.Maps constantly sends the GPS coordinates of a device (with the user's consent) and determines what base station services that particular phone with those coordinates and what Wi-Fi networks are there.

My city was not identified correctly

Please describe your problem in detail:

  • Provide us with a link to the page where you saw the incorrectly-specified city.
  • Enter the city which appears in the Settings after clicking or tapping Locate me, as well as the city that you are actually located in.

How to set your city manually

Attention. The region settings you set will be active on your device until you change them or delete your cookies.
  1. Go to the Location settings page.
  2. Uncheck the box labelled Detect automatically.
  3. Enter your city into the field and then click Save.

I cannot change my city in the settings

If you are unable to change your city, please check that cookies are not disabled in your browser.

If this doesn't help, please contact us, making sure to describe the problem in detail. Does a notification or pop-up appear when you click Save?

How to reset your city settings

To remove a city you entered manually:

  1. Go to the Location settings page.
  2. Check the box labelled Detect automatically and then click Save.