Disable ads

Yandex pages may display banners with information about our services. We try to design and place them in a way that isn't intrusive, but we understand that some people don't want to see any ads at all. That is why our banners don't show up for a while after you closed them.

How to configure ad display

  • Disable ad display on the main page in .
    Note. To disable ads, on Yandex.
  • Check whether cookie file storage is allowed in your browser settings. If cookies are automatically deleted after every session, the browser doesn't remember that you closed the banner and shows it again as if it's your first time visiting the page.
  • Add Yandex to the list of exceptions of ad blockers or other applications that may affect network traffic processing. Ad blockers can interfere with Yandex algorithms that determine how frequently banners are displayed.
Attention. If you experience problems with Yandex Direct ads, contact us via the form.