Why is Yandex showing the Oops page?

Yandex usually shows the “Oops” page in response to automatic search queries. Automatic search queries are those sent by applications instead of users.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish search queries sent by applications from those sent by users, e.g. when several users access Yandex from the same IP address. In such cases, Yandex shows a captcha, i.e. a special recognition test with letters and digits that users can pass but applications cannot.


Note that Yandex asks you to enter only the characters shown in the picture – you don’t need to enter your phone number, send a text or retype your username and password. If you are asked to do so, then you have accessed a fake page. In this case, please let us know at

If you need to send automatic queries to Yandex, consider using our Yandex.XML service.

How do I get back to the search from a page with a captcha?

To get back to the search page, simply enter the characters shown in the picture and click Submit. If you enter the characters properly, Yandex will remember your PC as a trusted resource for a long time.

If you see the message that cookies are disabled in your browser, then enable cookies and enter the captcha.

I don’t see a captcha. What should I do?

Make sure that image loading is enabled in your browser.

If you see the Yandex logo but cannot see an image with characters, make sure that image loading is not blocked by your browser’s plug-ins or firewall settings.

If you experience this issue at work, please contact your local network administrator.

Nobody else uses my PC. How can other people access the Internet from my IP address?

Queries from your IP address can be sent using another PC, not only your own. Internet service providers sometimes allocate the same IP address for several subscribers.

If you are using a public network, e.g. a Wi-Fi network in a cafe, then you share the same IP address with all other people in the cafe who are also online at that moment.

Perhaps your PC has been infected with a virus that sends automatic queries. We recommend that you run a virus scan in Dr.Web’s CureIt or Virus Removal Tool “from Kaspersky Lab”.

How do I contact technical support?

To contact our technical support team, please use the feedback form.