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If you're using an ad blocker (such as AdBlock or AdGuard), try disabling it and reloading the home page. If an ad blocker causes the issue, enable and configure it so that Yandex works correctly.

If these suggestions didn't help, contact us. Let us know if you experience the same issue when using another browser. If possible, attach a screenshot of the page.

Try to set your city manually. If this doesn't help, contact us and:

  • Send us a link to the page where you see an incorrectly identified city.
  • Specify the city that appears in settings after you click the Find me button and the city you're actually in.
  • Go to Yandex Internetometer and click Copy to clipboard at the bottom of the page. Paste the text into the Technical information field.
Tell us what you'd like to improve on our home page. We'll try to incorporate your feedback as we develop our service.

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Attention. Use this form to report issues related to Yandex Direct ads.

Yandex pages may display banners with information about our services. We try to design and place them in a way that isn't intrusive,

but we understand that some people don't want to see any ads at all. That is why our banners don't show up for a while after you closed them.

If the problem with banner display persists, fill out the feedback form according to the instructions:

  1. Go to Yandex Internetometer and click Copy to clipboard at the bottom of the page.
  2. Paste the copied information into the form below.
  3. Attach a screenshot of the banner.
  4. Enter your name and email address in the form.
  5. Click Send.

If you have a question about a particular Yandex service, contact the support for this service. This way, your message goes straight to the right specialists.

If the service isn't on the list, find it in Help. See the answers to frequently asked questions or fill out the feedback form. You can usually find the form in the Support section.

You can also contact us directly: