User responsibility and complaints about content

Yandex allows users to save, search for, and exchange information.

Before you can place content on our servers, users must accept the conditions of the , which forbid the placement of illegal material or content that infringes on the rights of third parties.

We are aware that dishonest users break not only our rules, but the law, and take all available measures to address user infringements that we are aware of. We have a system in place for dealing with complaints and third party claims regarding infringements committed using our services.


If you believe that material posted by users of Yandex services infringes on your rights, try addressing the user in question directly with your complaints. Sometimes this is enough to solve the problem.

If the situation requires Yandex's intervention, then you can send us your detailed complaint via:

Please don't submit false claims. Make sure that the material in question actually infringes on your rights. If you aren't sure whether or not your right was infringed upon or what the extent of your right is, please consult with a lawyer.

Include the following in your complaint:

  1. Data establishing your identity.
  2. Grounds for your complaint: what material on the site infringes on your rights and how:
    • include the specific name of the material
    • enter the exact webpage address (URL) where the material is posted
    • indicate what rights the material infringes on
    Attention. The complaint must be signed by the person (or their representative) whose rights are violate by the material posted. The right to act in the interests of the applicant must be confirmed by power of attorney executed in accordance with the law and attached to the application.

After we receive your complaint we will block access to the material in question. If the user who posted this material entered their contact information when they registered, we will send them a notification that access to that material has been blocked due to a complaint. In the case of multiple violations, Yandex reserves the right to delete the accounts of violators.

The user who receives the grievance can either delete the material in question or send Yandex a counter statement in the case that they believe the content was placed using Yandex's resources legally. The petitioner can either hand in the counter statement in person at any Yandex office, or send it by mail provided that their signature is certified by a notary. The material in question will remain blocked and will eventually be deleted automatically if no counter statement is received.

Both the counter statement of the user who posted the material in question and the claim of the user who filed the complaint should include all information necessary to establish their respective identities and contact them.

After receiving the counter statement, we will hand the information over to the parties involved in the conflict, so that they can discuss the issue amongst themselves. We also re-instate access to the material in question. If Yandex later receives documents confirming that the conflict was decided in favor of the complainant, then the material will be blocked.