Personal profile and syncing

Personal profile

A personal profile in the browser stores the user's personal settings and data. Many browsers allow you to create multiple profiles and switch between them.

If multiple people use your computer, we recommend creating a personal profile for each user in the browser. This way, your data and settings don't get mixed with someone else's. You can also use an additional profile if you have several accounts (for example, a personal and work account) to store their data separately.


Attention. Don't use syncing on other people's or public devices.

If you often use different devices, enable syncing in the browser. You'll get access to the data from all your devices where the browser is installed, and you can restore information in case of a failure.

Syncing uses secure data transmission channels. By default, you can sync tabs, bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, and autofill data.

Restriction. You can't sync between different browsers, such as Yandex Browser and Google Chrome.
On a mobile device