Storage of bank card details

Note. Bank card details are stored in an encrypted format, but we still recommend that you protect your computer or mobile device and beware of scammers.

If you don't want to enter card details manually every time you pay online, save them on the site or in the browser, mobile app, or payment service. The information is usually stored encrypted, so the data is secure.

Payment services

You can use payment services to pay for purchases in stores, on sites, or in mobile apps quickly and easily. You don't need to take out your card at the checkout, enter the PIN code, or fill in your data on a site. When you pay, your bank information isn't sent anywhere.

Examples of payment services:

To use a payment service, link your bank card to it.

How to make a purchase:

Restriction. Not all sites and mobile apps support payment services.
  1. Check the payment amount when placing an order.
  2. Select a service in the payment methods (for example, Google Pay).
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the payment. For example, use your fingerprint (Touch ID).

Sites and apps

You can save your bank card details in your personal account to make shopping on your favorite sites and in mobile apps more convenient. This option is usually available on the payment page under the card details.

The data is usually stored encrypted, so sites and mobile apps don't have access to your card number and other personal information. Make sure that the site where you store your banking information values its users' confidentiality and keeps their data secure.

Note. If you don't want your card to be saved on a site, disable the Save card details option on the payment page.


Save your payment details in the browser to avoid entering them manually every time you pay online. Browsers store data in an encrypted format. When paying, check the connection icon in the address bar. A closed lock (for example, in Yandex Browser) means that the connection is secured using the HTTPS protocol.

Yandex Browser protects your payment information and warns you if you enter your card number on an unsafe site.

On a mobile device