Returning Money

1. Under your Merchant Profile

You can return successful payments (fully or partially). But this does not apply some payment methods.

Full instructions

2. By payment order

Send the order to the bank providing services to your organization. The bank credits the required amount to your personal account for refunds (your special account in Yandex.Checkout). After that we return the money to the user.

Full instructions

3. Automatically

Requires a developer's work under our API. If your store is signed up via the API, we prepared a special method. If your store is signed up via the HTTP protocol implementation method, we have a special protocol for managing orders (MWS).

4. Directly to the buyer

You can contact the buyer and return him the money in person: in cash, to bank card, or using other method.

What Payments Can Be Refunded

Payment method Refund/chargeback availability API code
Bank card AC
Yandex.Money PC
WebMoney WM
QIWI Wallet QW
Online Banking
Sberbank Online

Only full amount refund

Alfa-Click AB
MasterPass MA
Promsvyazbank PB
Installment plan

Only full amount refund

Cash GP
ERIP (Belarus) EP
Other methods
Direct carrier billing MC
Mobile terminal (mPOS)

Money is returned to the payer on the next business day

WeChat Pay

Refund can be made within 3 months from the date of payment (due to restrictions on the WeChat's side).

You can make a refund from your personal dashboard until you receive the money for this payment,. Refunds after that are made by a payment order.


Refund by Payment Order

Each refund requires separate payment order. This order needs to include the following:

  • details of the payer's bank (your company)
  • details of the recipient's bank (Yandex.Money's common banking details)
  • number of the personal account for refunds and chargebacks (specified in Contract section of your Merchant Profile)
  • in the payment purpose:
    • number of the contract with Yandex.Money and its date of signing (you can look it up under your Merchant Profile in Contract section)
    • number of the transaction to be cancelled. Starts with 2000; it can be copied from daily registers or history of payments in your Merchant Profile.

Sample of payment purpose: Return of funds under contract No. NEK 12345.01 dated 1 December 2014 for transfer No. 2000123456789 without VAT

If you do not have access to the Merchant Profile, but you need these details, contact your manager.

Returning money

  1. You send the payment order to the bank your company's checking account opened in.
  2. The bank transfers the required amount to your account for refunds in Yandex.Checkout.
  3. We return money to the user: to the card, Wallet, or standard bank account (depend on the payment method the user selected).

Commission for Refund and Chargeback

If you make a refund at the day of the payment, no charges applied. The payment is simply cancelled.

If you make a refund later (after 0 AM by Moscow time), you pay a successful transfer fee.

Blocking Refunds

Automated refunds and refunds via your Merchant Profile may sometimes be blocked. Why this happens:

  1. If you order a refund later than in the date of payment, Yandex.Checkout returns the money at the expense of its own funds.
  2. Your debt is liquidated automatically on the same day: it is deducted from new enrollments under the contract.

If you do not have any payments on that day, the debt moves to the next day. At that, the refunds via your Merchant Profile are suspended until the debt is repaid. As soon as you get new payments (and we deduct the debt amount), the feature will be reactivated.