Yandex.Checkout can be built in any electronic system with goods, services, and option to pay for them. This may be a site, online store, client management service, or anything else.

Or you can avoid building in and simply enter into the contract with Yandex.Checkout and accept payments via handy options: using mobile point of sale or invoicing service.

At any case, you need to deal with the documents and technical settings in order to accept payments.

To set it into action:

  1. Send us your application for onboarding (you will get access to your Merchant Account).
  2. Fill out our questionnaire about your company and upload copies of these documents (under your Merchant Profile).
  3. Enter into the contract with Yandex.Money.
  4. Fill out a technical questionnaire (Russian companies—under their Merchant Profiles, non-Russian companies—via our manager).
  5. Complete integration, if it is required.
  6. Test your payment acceptance.

More about contract and documents

More about integration and settings

Details about onboarding non-Russian residents

Signing up Several Stores

The first store is implemented via your Merchant Profile. All the following ones are implemented via your personal manager: write a message to her with specifying the following:

  • New site's URL
  • INN (TIN) of the company or the number of your contract with Yandex.Checkout
  • If you use the CMS or other system, specify its name
  • If you want to onboard a site using HTTP Protocol scheme, attach a technical questionnaire to your message.

The manager will guide you through further steps.